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Vocal Transition: Find Your Voice!

“Most clownfish are protandrous hermaphrodites, meaning they alternate between the male and female sexes at some point in their lives.”  -Wikipedia


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Home of Vocal Transition!

Do you look like Angelina Jolie
but sound like Darth Vader?

Are you a gender transitioner who passes as your target gender until you open your mouth to speak?

Do you pass on the phone and in person, or do people mis-gender you despite your best efforts at maintaining an effective female or male voice?

Are you tired of hearing “Sir” instead of “Ma’am,” or vice-versa? 

Would you like to have a SUCCESSFUL VOCAL TRANSITION?


We are here to help you with the most important aspect of gender transition — your voice!  Your voice tells your audience everything about you, especially your gender.  THIS IS WHY A SUCCESSFUL VOCAL TRANSITION IS VITAL!

Clown Fish International currently offers individual and group vocal transition coaching sessions over the Internet through Skype!

To inquire about private or group voice lessons, email us here.

To inquire about our conference and travel schedule, email us here.


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